Benefits of Driveway Seal Coat

Can double or triple the life of your asphalt pavement
Save money on repairs down the road - the cost of seal coating is truly a minor expense when compared to the cost of pavement replacement
Protects your asphalt surface UV rays, which causes brittleness and loss of up to 50% of the original asphalt thickness in five years
Protects your asphalt from water/moisture, which can get into cracks and cause your pavement to fail
Resists damage from man-made elements, such as engine oil, fuel, anti-freeze and other harmful chemicals
Improves the aesthetics of your property by restoring the dark charcoal color of newly applied pavement.
It can also help hide rough spots, small cracks, patches and some surface depressions.



Driveway Crack fills

Cracks allow water to get into the pavement, which causes your asphalt to deteriorate at an accelerated pace.

If the water reaches the sub-base, it will weaken your pavement structure and cause Alligatoring and potholes which are more costly to repair.

Crack sealing prevents water from getting into the pavement, to prevent or delay pothole formation, and should be done at least annually.

New cracks that have formed or old cracks that have reopened, between ¼” and 1” wide, should be filled or sealed with crack fill as soon as possible.

Power Wash Services

One of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to spruce up the outside of your home is to give it a good scrubbing.

Pressure washing driveway isn’t expensive, yet it can make a big difference as to how you (and others) see your Home, Backyard, Pool, Patio or playground.

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